Pur Cosmetics Mystery Beauty Bag | Unboxing

17106051_10154454032703505_52482041_o.jpg Pur Cosmetics is a brand that I lust over from afar.  They are on the pricer side and because I have never tried anything from them, I never know where to start.  (Thats not completely true, I have one of their highlighter palette and WOW…amazing.)  Recently, Pur has put out a mystery kit that costs $25 and you receive 5 products from their line.  This first time I saw this offer I thought that it was a great idea but I didn’t buy it.  And then I saw what came in it and was blown away.   So you know the second time this came around, I had to get my hands on it.

The mystery bag came with 5 FULL SIZED products, one of which was bonus item!  This is a $136.50 for only $25.  Even if I only ended up liking one product, this was a total win.  But lets be honest, everything that I received is amazing.

Chateau Cheek Stain in the shade Rose $26.00

Browder in the shade Blonde $22.  This is the one product that did not work for me because of the shade, but it was perfect for my mom.

Lip Gloss Stick in the shade Daredevil $16


Volume Vixen $21


Cameo Contour Stick $39.50, Contour Blending Sponge $12

How great was this mystery bag?!  Because I wanted to get free shipping (the struggle of every shopping trip) I also picked up the Revolution mini eyeshadow palette with fully charged mascara for $15.



If Pur Cosmetics ever comes out with another mystery bag, I will be sure to pick it up with no hesitation!



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