DISAPPOINTING Pur Cosmetics Mystery Bag!


28641157_10155452521918505_1778487179_o.jpgPur Cosmetics is a great brand with some really awesome products.  Every so often, they will do a special mystery bag of products on their website and they usual cost $20.  I personally have ordered this bag twice and have been very underwhelmed both times.  The first time I was excited because I hadn’t really tried anything from he brand so I was looking forward to getting my hands on their products.  The second time the bag was just ok.  Recently, I saw that they had a brand new mystery bag out and I thought noway I am not going to buy it. However, on the website they stated that they heard their customers concerns/complaints and have really vamped up their bag and it was a $95 value.  At this point I was sold.  I needed to give them another shot. I wish I listened to my gut.

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Top Five Fall Eyeshadow’s | Favorites

You guys…pumpkin spice lattes are back, sweater weather is in full swing (almost) and you know what that means.  The Morphe 35o palette is back in action! (Side note…have you seen the new 35o palette its ridiculously gorgeous.)  Along with this palette I have found some new found loves, all of which have been staples in the new me.  I say this because I used to be very simple, scared even, of trying shades that are the epitome of fall.  Something snapped in my last year and now I can not get enough of burnt reds and oranges.  I feel the need to buy them all to make up for lost time.  It’s an addiction and I am totally okay with it.

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Pur Cosmetics Mystery Grab Bag

22292426_10155069657508505_1543454411_o.jpgEvery now and then, Pur Cosmetics comes out with a mystery grab bag.  I have ordered one in the past and was really happy with the products that they chose so when I saw the Fall mystery bag up for sale I thought why not!  On the website, it states, that included in this bag are 5 full size products and one mini for $25.  I happened to have a coupon code so the bag was only $20 and I also received 7% cash back from ebates. I was really excited to see what I would be getting since I do not have many products from this brand.  Unfortunately…I am not very impressed.

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Limited Edition Wet n Wild Luxe Brush Collection


22281239_10155067443288505_1508291248_oIt’s that time of year again when beauty companies come out with their long-awaited holiday collections.  Some of these collections end up being the same old thing over and over while other brands know how to do it right, and change things up.  One brand that has me impressed, not just with their holiday collection, is Wet n Wild!  Wet n Wild is such an underrated brand, in my opinion, but ever since they brought out their highlighters they have been on top of their game.  They keep creating and coming out with bigger and better things but remain true to themselves in terms of their pricing.  For this holiday season, Wet n Wild, has come out with a couple of collections.  One being their Mistletoe lip collection which contains 3 Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks and 3 Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners and the other is a brand new brush collection.

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Generation Beauty 2017


It is Generation Beauty time!  I am so excited to be going to Generation beauty this weekend and to get my hands on all types of makeup goodies.  If you don’t know, this is a makeup event/convention hosted by IPSY.  Within this event, you are able to talk to different brands, meet influencers/youtubers, get makeovers, and of course the best part…get free makeup.  And after everything is said and done, you also get to go home with a giant goodie bag full of products!  I can’t wait to see what is in store this year and what goodies I receive. Stayed tuned for a Gen Beauty Recap!

ColourPop Haul | Crystal Priming & Setting Spray

21329569_10154984805173505_3366179_o 2.jpg

Hello everyone!  I hope all my education friends had a great first day back to school.  I am not a teacher, but I do work in a school, and for some reason I was beyond nervous last night.  You would think I was the student instead of the employee with how nervous I was.  But no, I am just an overly anxious person and the day turned out to be great!  Anyway, enough babbling.  This post is all about the goodies I recently picked up during one of Colourpop’s amazing sales!  Let’s get started!

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